Double-hung Window Sizes and Configurations

The complexity of double-hung window configurations

In this article we considerate your attention on a complicated and not very user friendly configuration. It is double-hung window. We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of these designs and about the configuration options for double-hung windows so that you can familiarise yourself with them in detail and make the right choice. 

What is valued in any domestic appliance? Efficiency? No doubt about it. Every item has to live up to expectations: it has to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. But will you be satisfied if a household item is uncomfortable to use and inconvenient to look after? Even the most functional double-hung windows, if they are inconvenient to operate, are not needed in a flat or house. And if they have been installed, they will certainly soon cease to be a source of positive emotion. So what are the difficulties and inconveniences? Let’s look at the positives and negatives of double-hung windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Double-Hung Window

Advantages include:

Unique appearance. If you don’t like ordinary casement windows, double-hung windows are more interesting to look at.

Robust construction. Double-hung windows can really be manufactured from high quality raw materials, fitted with high-quality fittings, gaskets and can be fitted with a high-quality assembly.

Good technical characteristics. Double-hung windows can have excellent noise insulation and energy efficiency. 

Excellent protection. The distinct advantage of double-hung windows is that double-hung windows are unlikely to become a point of entry for intruders. This is facilitated by the small size and awkward positioning of the sashes. 

Now let’s turn to the disadvantages of double-hung windows:

Standard dimensions. If you conceived a remodeling of the house or flat and, at the same time, changing the size and location of the window opening, the double-hung windows are unlikely to fit after implementation of conceived because of the standard size range. The complex configuration of a double-hung window does not allow for a change in size.

Complex configuration of the double-hung window. The complex design is always inconvenient to operate and maintain. Double-hung sashes, additional hardware, additional glazing and profile, require more attention. 

Superfluous sash in terms of operation. A double-hung window usually has one lower sash which is in operation. The upper sash stays untouched because you do not want to reach it or it is simply not needed. So you overpay for unnecessary functionality. 

Pay attention to configurations of double-hung windows.

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Different configurations and sizes of Double-Hung Window

  • Two sashes of the same size, i.e. 1/ 2 window. 
  • Casement sizes 3/5 up and 2/5 down.
  • Sashes for double-hung window are 2/5 up and 3/5 down.
  • Casement 1/3 up and 2/3 down.
  • Casement 2/3 up and 1/3 down. 

Thus, if the advantages are good technical characteristics and security functions, the disadvantages are that the double-hung windows difficult to maintain, which is one of the conditions for durability of windows, and functionality is not used half-way, and these becomes a shadow of advantages. After all, other window types that are easier to use and maintain have good noise insulation, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

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