Double glazing repairs and maintenance

If you turn to an unscrupulous company, you will have these problems with your windows:

  • Difficulties in opening/closing;
  • Sagging of the window or door leaf;
  • Problems with hardware, such as poor fixation, creaking or other unpleasant sounds, breakage of some locking elements;
  • Poor sealing due to faulty seals;
  • Poor sealing due to inadequate preparation of openings for insulating glass units;
  • Misting of the windows;
  • Excessive condensation;
  • Mould and fungi;
  • Poor noise insulation and energy efficiency.

Quality double glazing, conscientious installation is PrestigePlus’s priority, so you won’t encounter the above problems. Double glazing will serve you for many years if you buy it in a company with its own production facilities, equipped with modern technology and if the installation is performed by specialists with extensive experience in this field. Why is experience important? Because in the process of acquiring it, craftsmen are faced with various problems, which they fix, and if they face any difficulty, they will know how to deal with it. An inexperienced person will do things their own way, which will lead to operational problems in the future.

How do I know if my double glazing needs replacing?

In the first part of this article we looked at the problems you may encounter as a result of poor installation and, even worse, the purchase of sub-standard double glazing. In a nutshell, when you look at the low cost and choose double glazing based on the best price offers, rest assured you are falling into a trap. Under pricing has long been a sign of poor quality. The reasons are obvious: good materials will not cost cheap and high-quality production, which implies employment of professionals in this business, the assembly on professional equipment, quality control at each stage of production, does not imply cheapness of insulating double glazed units. Can all this cost cheap: a high degree of professional labour input, quantity of qualitative materials, and operation of hi-tech equipment? Think about it. The answer seems obvious.

However, we will draw your attention to the low quality of double glazing and the lack of professionalism of the installers:

  • The glazing profile has a yellowish tinge when it should be snow white. This means that you are being sold double glazing from recycled material.
  • The presence of an obstruction effect when closing. The glazing must close and open softly and smoothly.
  • Soldered seals. As these are consumables and must be replaced by their wear and tear, if this does happen, quality seals are removable elements.

These are factors that you should pay attention to if you do not want to buy a short-lived double glazed unit.

Most common double glazing faults

Let’s go back to installing double glazing. Such work should be carried out by professionals, otherwise you risk encountering the most common mistakes and consequences as a result of incorrect installation:

  • Preparing the opening. This is a sequential process that includes freeing the opening from unnecessary elements of the old glazing, removing gaps and holes, aligning the lines just neatly to the new double glazing.
  • Careful installation of the glazing. This meticulous work involves more than just inserting the window into the opening; it also involves good, controlled shrinkage to avoid future problems with the leaf sagging under its own weight.
  • Adjustment of the hardware, which means fixing its parts for easy and reliable operation.

These points make the most common installation mistakes that you may encounter when employing unqualified workers for such work.

Can I fix double glazing that’s difficult to open or has sagged?

Problems with double glazing can include the following:

  • The window does not close tightly due to a loosened or slipped hinge;
  • Window does not open fully due to the same reason;
  • Seizing when changing the window leaf position due to a stiff operating mechanism;
  • Improper window geometry;
  • Poor sealing resulting in the formation of the condensation and draughts.

We have touched upon the topic of installation above, on which a trouble-free operation depends, and the importance of purchasing double glazing from the manufacturer. You will not have to deal with window maintenance, filling in gaps due to incorrect installation width of double glazing in relation to the opening, additional insulation and so on.

If you choose a reliable company which offers not only quality double glazing but also perfect service, you will sleep peacefully, safely, in an always fresh room, and during the day you will enjoy a pleasant and bright atmosphere created by good ventilation, quality soundproofing and sufficient filling of useful light.

How do I get rid of condensation or demist my double glazing?

It is a mistake to think that condensation is related to the indoor climate but not to the performance of the double glazing. Let’s understand what condensation is. Referring to the terminology of physics, we can establish that it is the product of condensation of the vapour state of liquids, i.e. the product of the transition of matter during cooling from gaseous to liquid form. As we know, double glazing has a sufficient degree of energy efficiency that any transition from the gaseous form to the liquid form is simply not possible. All of the gas in the chambers between the double glazed panes performs the functions of noise absorption and heat conservation. These functions remain throughout the entire period of operation thanks to high-quality sealing, that is, unless there is a is an underlining issue inflicted or damage caused that may disrupt its usual function.

It is worth noting that improper use can be a mistake. It means insufficient ventilation of the room, poor ventilation. For this reason, developers have come up with a design of windows with pivoting mechanisms, so that ventilation functions were performed at the proper level.

The configuration of the window is also important. Depending on the architectural features of the room in one case or another, it is recommended to install double glazing of certain design features: in some cases, hinged windows are appropriate, somewhere sliding windows are recommended and in some cases it is also good to install French windows. If the region’s climate is humid, the double glazing should perform the function of ventilation at an adequate level, and again, correct installation is of paramount importance. Window installation specialists may also recommend additional ventilation, and the need for such measures is determined during the measurements. There are also dehumidifiers that allow you to get rid of excessive moisture. But rest assured, with quality double glazing there will be no problems of this kind.

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Do I need to replace broken seals on double glazing?

An element such as the seals should be replaceable, as mentioned in this article. Then you won’t have any problems replacing it when it wears out. However, it must be of high quality to begin with. Elasticity, resilience and softness are constant characteristics of a good, quality seal. Factory-assembled double glazing, not artisanal production, includes exceptionally durable elements, not for nothing; they are covered by a multi-year warranty. Various factors that may affect the rapid deterioration and failure of the gasket, e.g. climatic conditions, condensation (the accumulation of which is impossible if a good gasket is installed), and so on, are myths.

How do I fix a double glazing window handle or lock?

The fittings are an element that is worth paying close attention to when choosing double glazing. The fittings are a complex mechanism, controlled by turning the handle. Up to ten locks and catches have to be opened by turning the handle at the same time without any problems throughout its entire service life. The handle must therefore be able to withstand countless openings and closings. Our company produces double glazing of the highest quality, so we do not give recommendations and advice on repairing glazing elements, in particular the fittings, as we are confident of the consistent quality performance of our products.

Can I replace double glazing myself?

If you want to replace the old glazing with new double glazing, we do not recommend doing it yourself. Although there are many manuals and detailed instructions, it is almost impossible to do it without proper experience. Experience is a priority when installing glazing, as it can cause problems with the glazing sagging under its own weight, adjusting the hinges, and preparing the opening for installation. The list of problems could be long. However, an experienced craftsman is familiar with them and has the tools and knowledge to deal with them effectively, whereas a novice in this business will not be able to cope with the difficulties. When deciding to buy double glazing, choose the company that offers full technical support and turnkey double glazing installation.

How to get your double glazing fixed

Our company’s activities are based on current legislation according to which our products are:

  • Manufactured of satisfactory quality;
  • Consistent with what was ordered by the client at the outset;
  • installed with due care and skill.

All of this is set out in the contract concluded with the client before the order is made, which is the legal basis that ensures the performer’s liability. Therefore, when contacting a company that produces and sells double glazing, pay attention to the official status of the organization, the cooperation with which is under the documental assurance.

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Is my double glazing covered by a guarantee?

Our company offers a long-term guarantee on our products, which is written into the contract. You can be assured of quality double glazing that will last you not just 10 years, but for many years to come. You will only want to replace the windows if you want to change the design to freshen up the interior.

Do double glazed windows need maintenance?

Double glazed windows do not require much maintenance. It is sufficient to keep the profile and all elements of the glazing unit clean. To do so, clean and wash the windows twice a year by wiping down the interior and exterior elements of the window and the perimeter where the fittings are installed. As for the gasket, replace it if necessary. High-quality double glazing only includes durable elements that can withstand enormous stresses and at the same time fulfill their functions perfectly.

How do you maintain double glazing?

Windows can either be cleaned by yourself or by using an industrial climber, in case when your flat is on a high floor. You will need to buy the household chemicals you will need to clean your double glazing. Choose a good quality cleaner so that the window will stay clean as long as possible: the window cleaner should not leave streaks on the glazing and the interior of the window, including the fittings, can be cleaned with a damp sponge without leaving any water residue. The maintenance of double glazed windows is quite simple and otherwise maintenance is effortless as the glazing is of a high quality from the outset and assumes long term exploitation and exertion.

Can a double glazed window be repaired?

If you have purchased a poor quality window and soon require replacement, you should choose the company more carefully this time. A reputable organization provides a quality product that has been manufactured using high technology equipment and modern high grade materials, provides experienced professionals for the proper installation of the double glazed window, and gives a guarantee on their services. Only under these conditions will you not have to resort to replacing your windows in the future due to window malfunctions.

How much does it cost to repair a double glazed window?

Again, if you were unsuccessful with your previous choice of double glazed windows and they failed quickly, making it necessary to replace the whole double glazed window, the cost of installing new windows will depend on the features you require. Windows come in different configurations as well as glazing come in different types. It is the functionality of the glazing that will determine the cost. An experienced manager will give you comprehensive information on all issues relating to replacement double glazing. Our website has an online calculator and you can calculate the preliminary cost of your future double glazing.

Can you clean the inside of double glazing?

The inside of the double glazing can only be cleaned around the perimeter fittings when the window is opened and around the inside of the fixed glazing element. Under no circumstances should you dismantle or attempt to remove the leaf from the hinges for cleaning. Good quality glazing is very low maintenance.

Why is the inside of my double pane window dirty?

When you explore your windows, you are constantly opening them to air, thus ventilating them. This allows dust and various accumulations of dirt brought in by the wind to settle on the surfaces inside the window at the points where window sashes meet when the windows are closed. In the middle of the insulating glass unit, dirt does not accumulate inside the cells and if it does then you have bought a substandard double glazed window with a poor sealing.

How do you fix a double pane window fog?

If the window is sweating, it means that you are not ventilating the room sufficiently. Insufficient ventilation may cause fogging or condensation. If it happens because you are away for a long time, you should get a dehumidifier and then these problems will disappear. In all other cases, ventilate the room regularly.

Is condensation on windows bad for health?

If condensation builds up on your windows, your room is poorly ventilated and this has a negative effect on your health. In other words, it is not condensation that is bad for health, these are causes the poor ventilation, frequent temperature fluctuations. Other causes of condensation, such as incorrect installation or faulty double glazing material, will only harm your budget.

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