Double Glazing Prices And Costs

The cost of double glazing

Information on the pricing policy for double glazed windows is brought to your attention. It is aimed you to know what you are paying for and can be sure that the cost is justified. Prices are set on the basis of the costs of raw materials, production as well as installation. There are some nuances in terms of additional options which can be charged separately. This and double glazed windows cost as well are discussed in advance with the customer during the ordering process. That is, the client always clearly understands how much and for what he pays.

Windows with double glazing differ in cost due to the variety of configurations, types of glazing and options. The formation of the cost is strictly regulated at the legislative level, so here one does not have to think about the owner’s desire to make a profit.

A certain double glazed windows price formation also implies responsibility for quality. It is the technical and user characteristics that influence this factor. Good quality will not be cheap, but it will not be sold at an inflated price either. A reliable company always strictly regulates this process, so the customer will not be cheated.

Our company regularly conducts analytical work in collaboration with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to monitor changes in the pricing policy of the double glazed window industry to establish the most appropriate value for different types and sizes of glazing. (Autumn 2020).

As already mentioned, there are a number of aspects that influence price formation, including preliminary work – removal as well as installation. Replacement of double glazed windows and doors is done according to an estimate calculated in advance, adjustments in the price are only possible if the customer wishes to add additional options or make an extra order. Replacement double glazed windows prices are fixed.

The table below shows the current prices for double glazed windows and door installation services and you can pre-estimate your budget options and plan your purchase. Our experts will advise you on each item and explain in detail what affects the increase in price of double glazing so you can cut costs.

How much do double-glazed windows cost?

The cost of double glazed windows varies depending on the window type. The budget variant is the simplest configuration with the lowest specifications. What does this mean? Each insulating glass unit has unique operational and technical features. First of all, this concerns the glazing itself. It can be of normal strength characteristics or manufactured with increased impact resistance, tempered glass, reinforced glass or triplex glass, i.e. of increased thickness. This involves additional steps in the production process and the use of additional materials in making process of double glazed windows. Accordingly, it will affect the cost. It will be higher than ordering an ordinary double glazed window. It is the same in case of ordering windows with additional noise insulation. Here we are talking about filling the glass chambers with inert gas, not air, as well as a special magnetron coating, which creates a certain energy field due to the application of a special thin layer of metal, which prevents the penetration of prying sounds.

Different window designs will also cost differently. The special features of the designs are discussed with a consultant in advance. Here, the cost depends on the number of additional components of the window, for example, the number of sashes and additional elements of fittings, which implies both extended functionality and, accordingly, ease of use. Double glazing existing windows cost is discussed separately.

It is worth noting that the cost will also depend on the size of the windows. There are standard variants, but sometimes you need more or less size, depending on the peculiarities of the architecture of the room, style and design tasks. This also applies to the shape of the window. The design office of our company can make the most favourable offer both in terms of cost and in terms of the type of double glazed window.

Double glazed window type (white colour)AVG. Prices for various sizes in mm including
uPVC fixed windows$226$265$320$625
uPVC Tilt and Turn windows$477$522$668$1086
uPVC Awning windows$537$572$1025$1497
uPVC fixed Slide windows$705$1148

How much do double-glazed doors cost?

The purpose of doors is to ensure safety. To this end our company manufactures doors with increased strength, both in terms of the profile and the glass itself. It is the excellent quality of materials, fixing systems and fittings. Of course the glass itself, as with double glazed windows, has a number of characteristics that increase safety, security and comfort. The double-glazed doors cost also depends on the configuration, size, additional options and design requirements.

Double glazed doors are available in different types: tilt and slide, French doors, hinged doors, folding doors. The design variants are in line with the latest trends. They are practical, user-friendly and boast an incredible aesthetic. The quality is so high that you won’t find a single imperfection in any of the door details.

Double-glazed door typesAVG. Prices
Hinge door double glazed – white (2,100 x 900mm)$1271
uPVC sliding patio doors – one fixed panel and one sliding panel – white (2,100 x 1,500mm)$1614
uPVC French door (2,100 x 1,800mm)$1857
uPVC  Two sliding panels (2,100 x 3,000mm)$2696
uPVC  Tilt and Slide (2,100 x 1,800mm)$2716
uPVC Swing and slide doors (2,100 x 2,400mm)$3292
uPVC Triple Stacker Door (2,100 x 2,700mm)$2603
uPVC Lift and slide doors (2,100 x 3,000mm)$6163

New double-glazed doors

New double-glazed doors make a perfect addition to your interior furnishing as well as enhancing your exterior in the best possible way. The construction features of the doors are subject to change due to the use of new, innovative technologies and the introduction of new materials and processing methods. Technical capacities are constantly being supplemented, an arsenal of tools is being replenished and the qualifications of employees are being improved. Therefore, the products, namely the new double glazed doors, are also evolving. While in the past only a few door configurations were available, today the range of styles and performances is much wider. And you accordingly have options to choose how to provide burglary protection in a stylish and practical way, have regular freshness in the summer and coziness and warmth in the winter.


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Replacement windows and doors: what adds to the cost?

The price factor is not relative but stable and each price has its own explanation. Double glazed windows and doors have a certain price depending on the quality of the workmanship. Even the simplest configuration, made without flaws, will not be cheap. But the money is worth paying to get a durable, practical, functional design in return. Talk about functionality. A window in the living room, for example, what should it be? A simple casement construction, with the usual unlocking of the sash, made of a weak material, with thin glass made somewhere in the back of production? No, it can’t be made in such manner. Such design has nothing to do with quality. A good double glazed window the variation in types, the highest quality of profile and glazing, the finest fittings, the simplicity of operation. In addition, it stands for high noise insulation values, energy efficiency, protection against outside interference and protection against damaging solar radiation. This is exactly the quality you are looking for in a double glazed window. The same applies to doors. Windows and doors are those essential elements of a room that provide comfort in it. And if they are cheap and of poor quality, what comfort can we talk about? These characteristics make up the cost of a good product that is worthy of your attention.

How will you pay for double glazing?

The priority of our company is not only qualitative production of windows and doors in various configurations, but also perfect service. This also applies to payment options. As well as a single payment in the form of full pre-payment, we also offer you the option of payment in instalments. This is very convenient and mutually beneficial. All principles of payment are clearly stipulated in the cooperation agreement. Installing windows can be a time-consuming job, especially if the whole house needs to be fitted. Therefore it is possible to split the payment into parts and pay the last instalment only after you are sure of the quality of the work done, of the windows and doors installed as you thought they would be and as agreed in the contract. This principle of cooperation builds trust and helps in various situations.

Money-saving tips for double glazing

Saving money when buying double glazed windows is not about overpaying for unscrupulous companies, but it is profitable to buy quality products from a manufacturer or reliable supplier. Poor quality means double the cost of further remodeling as well as the time spent looking for more reliable companies. It is better to go straight to a decent organization. In addition, you save money for additional searches for fitters, measuring technicians. Our company provides a turnkey service, saving you the cost and time of looking for someone to do the full-service job. Remember you pay for quality, convenience and efficiency! We also arrange promotions and loyalty programmes.

What our calculations are based on

Our pricing policy is based on calculations by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. So every price is reasonable. It is based on the analysis of information about average cost of products in the market in the given niche, on the average cost of production, on purchase of materials and components, including labor cost, VAT. A staff of accountants, appraisers and financial advisers is involved in price setting on double glazing. The materials market is scrutinized to select the highest quality and most cost-effective materials. These are compared to identify the best national average. Wages, i.e. labour costs, are based on the current wage agreement negotiated by the Joint Industry Council for Construction and Allied Industries. All this data is used to determine and fix the cost of double glazed windows as well as double glazed doors prices. Prices may be adjusted and updated.

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Is double glazing worth the money?

To answer this question you must first answer what are your goals in buying double glazed windows? Do they have to protect you from burglars, should they help to absorb noise so you do not hear prying noises from the street, do you want to save on heating season costs and finally, do you want the interior and exterior of your home or flat to have a stylish and aesthetic look? If the answer is yes, the answer to the question whether double glazing is worth the cost will also be positive. After all, it is your comfort, your unique cozy and safe environment that will not be disturbed by noise from outside, drafts or burglars. It is worth buying double glazed windows to achieve this maximum comfort.

How much are double glazed windows in Australia?

In Australia, every company’s pricing policy is monitored by the regulators, so it will not be overpriced. That is the first thing. Secondly, a company that respects its reputation will set a truthful, honest and fair price. Thirdly, Australia is a country with a changeable climate so sometimes living in an unstable climate requires the purchase of windows with additional technical characteristics such as higher noise absorption, higher energy efficiency or impact resistance. In that case, double glazed windows will be more expensive than conventional configurations.

Why is double glazing so expensive?

When you buy a double glazed window, you are paying for quality that ensures reliability, safety, durability, ease of use and functionality. To provide a window that is originally a simple structure of glass and frame, with such a range of characteristics you need strong production facilities, professional workers, and quality materials. This was mentioned above. It is worth describing the construction of the window in more detail so that you have no doubt that a double glazed window is not expensive, but adequate value. If you think that all windows are the same and the price depends on the greed of the company owner, it is time to dispel this opinion.

One of the basic components of a double-glazed window is the profile, or window frame. The most relevant today is the metal-plastic profile. This element is equipped with reinforcements to increase the strength characteristics. Window profiles are divided into classes, and these differences lie in the thickness of the profile. The differences are not significant, but in practice they are. The thinner is profile, the cheaper is window construction, but also the worse is resistance properties, and it is more complicated to work with such window during assembling, because welding of profile becomes more long and complicated process. Next comes the occupancy of the chambers. If the chambers inside are filled with air, then the cost will be cheaper. But if it is an inert gas that prevents noise penetration by absorbing it, then a double-glazed window will cost more.

The mounting width of the profile, among others, also influences the energy efficiency. Window with minimal mounting width will be cheaper, but also suitable for balcony glazing, seasonal country premises at best. Such a window will not save you from the cold when the weather is cold.

The most important element is the seal, which ensures the tightness of the double glazed window, and its elasticity and resilience should retain its qualities for a very long time. A window is of higher quality in which the gasket is removable, i.e. replaceable. This is explained by the fact that the soldered-on gasket will let air in at the soldering points. Even if it is only in small quantities, this is a defect and will lead to future problems with draughts or condensation. The quality of the hardware in double glazed window plays a huge role. It is not just a handle. The fittings fit around the entire perimeter of the window and ensure that more than five locks can be opened in different places. Furthermore, it must be able to bear the weight of the double glazed window. The durability of the window and the ease of operation also depend on its durability. Last but not least is the quality of assembly. Fabrication and assembly are the cornerstones of the quality of the window or door.

After the technical specifications, attention must also be paid to the design. The cost will also depend on the complexity of the design. Due to the production possibilities the window construction can be folding, sliding, hinged, can be combined with tilt-and-turn mechanisms, tilt-and-slide mechanisms.

Does double glazing windows increase property value?

The value of any room depends on its occupancy, functionality and completeness. Naturally, a flat or house without windows will cost many times less. Such a space will be on the market much longer than a counterpart with full glazing. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether double glazing increases the value of the property will be positive. In addition, it increases the quality of the property. It becomes insulated from noise, from intrusion, filled with freshness and warmth. Such a room is full of coziness and is ready for occupancy.

What is the average cost to double glaze a house?

The average cost of double glazing for a house is calculated on the number of window openings where the structure is to be installed, technical characteristics and design requirements. Our website has an online double glazed windows price calculator that you can use to calculate the preliminary cost of glazing your home by entering the required data and additional options. This will help you calculate and plan your budget for the purchase of double glazed windows.

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