Double glazed windows vs Triple glazed windows

Double glazed windows vs Triple glazed windows

Replacing your old windows with better quality new windows is an important and correct decision. All windows are not only an indispensable structural element of a building but also a vital link in the protective functions of a room: protection against burglary, protection against noise, protection against heat loss these are qualities of glazing that must be present in its any type, whether it is triple or double glazed windows. Previously, window production was not so technically perfect, so windows replacement we meet more often.

In today’s world, we not only want to improve our living conditions by giving the room maximum comfort, but also reduce the cost of housing maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to major renovations, it is best to think about windows replacement first.

The benefits of triple glazed windows replacement

If you live in a fairly noisy region, the requirements for quality noise insulation increase and here it makes sense to consider our noise insulating double-glazed glass units as the best solution to the issue of noise protection. Replacement of old windows with new sound reduction double glazed windows windows will make your sleepless nights a thing of the past. This is ensured by the following features of our sound insulating double glazed glass windows:

  • A chamber filled with inert insulating argon gas absorbs outside noise, neutralising it as much as possible. Even the space between the planes is effective in double glazed windows.
  • Two laminated thick pieces of glass increase the windows protective properties, and outside noises simply don’t reach your ears.
  • As with triple-pane glass units, double glazing is very affective at reducing noise and also simultaneously increasing your energy conservation.

In addition, it’s also worth talking about energy savings. The triple glazed window keeps heat in the room as much as possible, even in harsh cold weather you will not have a need for additional heating. During the summer, you will have a nice cool home on hot days, even in the harsh Australian climate. This saves money and, over time, your utility bills will decrease. Many people aspire to replacement of old windows with triple glazed windows for this purpose.

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Benefits of upgrading to double-pane glass when replacing your windows

Double glazed window is just as effective as its triple-pane glass counterpart. The specifications are such that soon after replacement with new double glazed window you will also feel an increase in comfort because the room will be quieter and cosier, cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you think of replacement of old windows with double-pane glass, then you should consider the additional qualities of double glazed windows:

  • The gas in the space between the panes in double glazed window, i.e. the chamber, more effectively absorbs noise and insulates heat. Air chambers cannot boast the same.
  • The coatings of double-pane glass (lamination, magnetron, Low-E coating) perform noise-insulating and heat-saving functions.

The triple glazed window is in itself noise-insulating and energy-saving thanks to the presence of triple panes of glass. Therefore, replacement with triple glazed window is just as effective as the same act with double-pane glass with the additional qualities outlined above.

Prestige Plus – the best choice for replacement windows

We have our own manufacturing facility and we use high-end Deceuninck profile and Viridian glass made with modern technology, which is why replacement of old windows has never been so effective.  You will forget about the noise from the outside, the discomfort and the high heating costs with new triple or double glazed windows. 

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