Differences Between Sliding Windows and Casement Windows

Deciding which window construction to install in your house or flat is based, among other things, on knowing the specifics of each configuration. This article will help you decide whether it will be sliding windows or you prefer casement windows in your house, as well as the manager of the our company will help you to make right choice. You can avoid many misconceptions or myths about the technical features and functionality of, for example, casement windows, and buy something that really fits your case and that you really like.

Differences between sliding and casement windows.

This article is an overview and does not compel you to make one or the other choice. Let’s look at sliding windows. This is a common configuration, which in turn is divided into two types:

  • Parallel-sliding windows with sliders. Replacing casement windows with sliders is a great solution when you need to free up space around windows, for example. This type of sliding window is a construction where both sashes are movable and sliding in a parallel plane on guides. The guides in sliding windows must be of high quality to withstand multiple sash movements. The burglary resistance of the system is high thanks to the sliding windows robust profile and the quality glazing and multi-functional hardware. 
  • The tilt-slide construction has another opening feature, which is a slight shift forward and then a parallel movement of the other sash. Sliding windows of this type also save space. 

Any configuration of sliding windows is easy to operate and maintain, provides regular ventilation and full protection against weather conditions and burglary. Advantages of sliding windows:

  • Space saving around the window.
  • Modern design and versatile style of sliding windows.
  • Convenient functionality.
  • Superior security.
  • Energy efficiency and high noise insulation of the sliding windows. 

It is also worth noting that sliding windows fit almost any interior design. As a versatile style, sliding windows fit just as well into modern surroundings as they do into more classic styles. 

Casement windows are a classic in the window industry and are relevant to all trends in interior design. Casement windows have two modes of opening: open to ventilate and fully opening to the left or right side. Casement windows are easy to operate and maintain too. Casement windows provide optimum air circulation, when in the ventilation mode, allowing you to keep freshness in the room for 24 hours a day. The configuration of the casement window does not make it possible to save space on the window sill when it is opened completely, so the area around the window must be kept clear. But this depends on how often you use this sash window opening mode. 

The quality of the profile, glazing, fittings and finish affect the durability and quality of the basic protective and energy-saving functions of the casement window.  

Sliding casement window is another configuration of window, which combines the structural features of both of the above-mentioned types. It is the most universal and convenient connection of casement and sliding systems. 

The casement window is equipped with the necessary features to make you forget what it means to overpay for utilities during hot and cold weather. Less time and money is now spent on air conditioning and heating. Energy-saving casement windows are the keys to solving the problems of providing a comfortable environment in your home or flat. 

Care and maintenance of your casement window hardware will extend the life of your window and you will not have to think about changing your window system. This also applies to the sliding window. But the question of whether are casement windows better or not does not have a definite answer. In each individual case one or another type of window will be suitable. But it is worth saying that the casement window as well as its counterpart is the most universal solution in most cases.

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What to look for in quality casement or sliding windows

What is a casement window we explained in the previous section of this article. What to pay attention to when searching for a quality casement or sliding window? First of all, the reputation of the company.  A qualified representative will always explain all the technical aspects and provide the necessary documentation, if you need. There are, however, some tricks that can give a first impression about the quality of the sliding or casement window:

  • The colour of the profile should be clean and if it is classic white, it should be without yellowing.
  • The fittings should work smoothly.
  • The filling of the chambers between the panes with gas is indicated by the inlet valve inside.

If these points are met, there is every reason to trust the company and the quality of the product. 

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