Difference Between Garden Windows & Bay Windows

Garden Windows & Bay Windows

To understand the main differences between Garden Windows & Bay Windows, let’s look at their appearance and functionality and where one or the other is most often found. Bay windows stand out from the outside and are often installed in living rooms or bedrooms as they are a powerful source of natural light and an aesthetically pleasing detail of the interior and exterior. The aesthetic function of the bay windows is fulfilled by their unusual appearance, which is attractive and elegant for flats, houses and cottages. Bay windows consist of one window in the centre and two on the sides. The operating sashes in bay windows can be either central or side ones, depending on the functional tasks and wishes of the customer. You can read more about bay windows in the corresponding section.

Garden windows as well as bay windows stand out from the outside: their construction forms an additional element added to the façade. The central window protrudes to the outside, while the adjacent side windows are at a 90-degree angle, with another window at the top allowing even more light to enter. The side sashes and the top sash of the garden window usually act as working sashes.

Garden windows serve as an additional niche, a space for setting up a flower bed or planting vegetable seedlings, for example. Garden windows are therefore appropriately named, not because they overlook the garden, although this is not excluded either. Unlike bay windows, garden windows can be compared to a mini-greenhouse and are most often installed in the kitchen. Garden windows can also be found in bathroom or laundry room. Several opening options make ventilation more efficient: swinging both sashes of the garden window allows a larger air flow. The installation is flexible because garden windows are installed flush with the worktop.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Garden Windows

Garden Windows

Main differences between bay windows and garden windows

Bay windows are installed wherever an additional source of light and ventilation is required, and also when the design or architectural features of the room require it. Bay windows are endowed with excellent aesthetic qualities, are trendy in terms of style. They are robust and resistant to external influences, with high energy efficiency and noise insulation properties due to the use of high quality profiles, innovative Viridianglass, and high quality seals.

Bay windows differ from garden windows in that the spatial niche is not as large as its counterpart. A bay window is more of a window and less of a greenhouse, as is the case with garden windows. Outside space, bay windows do not extend as far as garden windows. The latter have a trapezoidal shape with an additional sash at the top, which allows the rainfall to run down the window smoothly: the angle of the slope does not allow the water to accumulate.

The construction of the bay windows is simple and easy to use, making the operation and maintenance of the bay windows easy to maintain. Bay windows were popular in the past centuries and are just as popular nowadays.

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Advantages of bay windows and garden windows when installing them in your home

The advantages of bay windows:

  • they are a great source of natural light, which increases the space of the room and highlights the decor and furnishing elements.
  • the overall interior ensemble with bay windows looks innovative and fresh.
  • the ventilation in bay windows is also more functional because the sashes can ventilate the room and be opened simultaneously.
  • the air circulation in this case is smooth, which is an additional advantage of the bay windows.
  • bay windows have repeatedly occupied leading positions in international and regional exhibitions.
  • the bay windows are manufactured according to all technical standards.

Garden windows are notable because they are an ideal space for houseplants, which need plenty of light, warmth and air, especially when it comes to home-grown greenery or vegetables. Garden windows can also be an eye-catcher in the kitchen interior.

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