Custom glass options when replacing windows

Glazing options

When you are purchasing new windows for your house you need to take into account the fact that each window has its own characteristics. Starting from the thickness of the glass itself to the protective coatings on it, Custom glass windows are different in this regard and it is important to know the options for windows to make your purchase rational and really bring comfort to your home. 

In general, the main objectives of Custom glass windows are as follows:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Burglary protection;
  • Sound insulation.

With this in mind, window manufacturers pay particular attention to the quality of the glass itself. Prestige Plus uses high-quality Viridianglass, which has excellent technical characteristics that fully meet the objectives (ensuring a comfortable room environment and burglary protection). In addition, the aesthetic factor of Custom glass windows is not left out of the equation, and this is also given close attention.

Advantages of Custom Glass for your windows

Custom glass windows are produced according to modern quality and design requirements, so the advantages of ordering custom-made windows over purchasing off-the-shelf products are obvious. Firstly, you can rely on non-standard solutions to complex situations, such as non-standard sizes or shapes, and secondly, Custom glass windows are a turnkey solution. Prestige Plus will not only manufacture Custom glass windows according to your specifications and Australian technical standards, it will also take care of the installation and configuration.

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Custom glass options offered by Prestige Plus

We can tailor our Custom glass windows to each requirement, so you can get the most suitable variant for your project. Depending on your requirements and needs, the following glass thicknesses and coatings are available:

  • 4mm/ 4mm Low-E coating for thermal insulation;
  • 5mm/ 5mm Low-E coating for thermal insulation;
  • 6mm/6mm Low-E coating for thermal insulation;
  • 6mm/10mm Low-E covering is responsible for thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • 4mm/ 4mm Low-E, Frosted for thermal insulation and privacy.

The first three variants have minimum and maximum insulation values: the greater the thickness, the greater the thermal insulation. Prestige Plus offers its customers around 50 different thicknesses of Custom glass windows, with varying degrees of sound insulation and thermal insulation, as well as a BAL rating (an Australian standard by which the risk of a home’s exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact is measured).

As mentioned, Custom glass windows also have some aesthetic qualities, which are assured by certain manufacturing techniques. Custom glass windows can be frosted, tinted and subtly coloured to achieve a degree of privacy or to accentuate the window.

To summarize, we can divide the types of glazing into the following types

  • Privacy glass. These are stylized Custom glass windows with distinctive aesthetic features.
  • Safety glass. Glass of different thickness and Low-E coating (you can read more about Low-E coating in a separate section) for protection against negative environmental factors and against intrusion.
  • Soundproof Glass. Glass that provides protection against external noise as well as thermal insulation properties.
  • Designer glass windows. Just like Privacy glass, with artistic designs.

Who is suitable for custom windows from Prestige Plus?

Custom glass windows are the perfect glazing solution for your home, flat or office. No matter what the purpose of the room, Prestige Plus windows make it comfortable to live and work in. The protective and aesthetic qualities of Custom glass windows by Prestige Plus are of the highest quality, factory assembled to ensure longevity, and correctly and expertly installed by Prestige Plus professionals ensure ease of use and care. 

Custom glass windows are suitable for anyone wishing to enhance the living comfort and aesthetics of their furnishing. Prestige Plus can help with all your home, flat or office glazing needs.

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