Colour trends in window profiles

UPVC Profile colour cannot be ‘any colour’, it has to be appropriate. Many people, when thinking of an interesting colour, mean brightness, saturation, forgetting that colour, especially when it comes to the interior or exterior, should be noble and not shouty. Best coloured uPVC windows are such when they unobtrusively evoke great sympathy. 

It is best to complement the interior and accent the facade of the building with elements whose colours are styled on natural materials that are metal, wood etc. Although, when choosing windows, people opt for white, and often rightly so. Coloured uPVC doors and windows are not often found in stylish interiors, because mottled colours in interiors are a mauvais ton. Bright colours may be present in an event-driven furnishing, but the family home should be in cosy tones and the work furnishing in subdued shades.

What are the most popular colours today?

In this article, we will partly look at those profile colours that are not only always considered fresh and harmonious with other interior components in modern design, but have always been in trend. You will surely note how beautiful early architecture was and how exquisitely its elements were accentuated by colour! Window profile colours can blend in coolly with the décor, or they can blatantly ruin it. And when it’s the former case, the furnishings not only look stylish, but also tastefully emphasise their nobility. 

Colours in natural wood shades. Golden oak and Nut tree colours perfectly complement both old-world interiors and modern styles. It is worth noting that almost any trend in design invariably includes these colours. Wood has always been used in the interior design in one form or another, either as the main material or as a decoration. By choosing upvc window frame colours in natural wood tones you can always be sure that these colours will blend in with your surroundings for sure. 

White is a classic choice, because it goes with everything. White is harmonious in classics, loft and empire styles, and is a great accent for slightly darker coloured fronts, for example. But, against deeper, darker shades, white would be too awkward. 

Cream and silver colours look soft and so will look good in bedrooms, children’s rooms and also in interiors where warm, light colours prevail. For example, French windows in cream will emphasise the romance of a room with access to a terrace, decorated with flowers and ceramic elements. 

Grey aluminium, Anthracite grey and Ash black are ideal for modern interiors: minimalism, loft, Empire and more. A profile in these colours will emphasize the unique style of the facade and interior.

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Which colour should I choose for my interior?

UPVC Double-Glazed Windows colours are easy to choose when you are guided by the details in the interior. There are predominant colours, such as furniture sets or wall coverings, and then there are accents. So the profile can be combined with the accents in the interior. And of course not go against the rest of the colour scheme. Our catalogue has an excellent selection of warm, cool and neutral colours, which make the design look even fresher and more stylish.

A smart approach to choosing windows isn’t just based on style and configuration. Colour is just as important as all other factors. Profile colour can best emphasise the quality of the material, the neatness of the workmanship and the fittings. Designers always try to make the window space the most accentuated, because the natural light penetrating through the window does so irrespective of desire. Therefore the shade of the profile, the quality of the window and the decoration of the window or window sill play an important role. If you are hesitating with the choice of colour, remember that the white shade always comes in handy because it is universal and up-to-date everywhere. 

Also the colour of the profile should harmonise with its configuration. The more unusual the design, the more careful you need to be when choosing colours. 

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, in any case, an experienced manager will advise you on all matters of interest. However, we strongly recommend trusting companies that offer turnkey window production and installation. An important point in this matter is window installation. An expert installer will do the accurate installation without damaging the integrity of the profile or the colour performance. In our articles, we always focus on professional installation, as the window must function properly and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing.

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