Awning vs. Casement Windows: What's the Difference?

The choice of types of casement windows, for example, can be based on the size of the room, its style and the features of the interior

Every window has its own style of construction, its own configuration and its own performance characteristics. You cannot say that this or that window is better or worse, because each design is suited to particular conditions. The choice of types of casement windows, for example, can be based on the size of the room, its style and the features of the interior. They fit in well with any design. Kitchen awning windows, on the other hand, are a great option for the kitchen space because of the convenient arrangement of the sashes and the possibility to open it from above, but without opening it into the room. In this case, it is this window design that is the best window type for ventilation in the kitchen.

Generally speaking about casement and awning windows, it is safe to say that these are classic window types and therefore the most common. Their construction is not complicated, and to make an order according to non-typical project, which will differ, for example, in size, is a more usual case.

Pella awning window sizes, therefore, can be standard, and can be made according to individual projects, due to the fact that there are unusual layouts of flats or houses, where the usual components of the room are more difficult to fit than in the usual cases. Fixed over awning windows are a versatile option for domestic spaces, where aesthetics take second place to practicality. But in the case of the awning windows by PrestigePlus, these qualities are successfully combined thanks to the meticulous and careful workmanship. So, when we define awning, we are talking about windows that are most practical in domestic environments. At the same time, they are suitable for installation in small rooms and look good in their furnishing.

The differences between sash and casement windows

Window designs are numerous today. The technological possibilities of production make it possible to produce high-quality windows in many different configurations and styles. In this case, we are talking about the most familiar ones.  Right hand opening window or casement window differs from its analogue by the way it opens. The casement window opens inwards or tilts upwards while the awning window is hinged on the top rather than on the side, in other words has top awning rail opener. And, if you are wondering what does awning mean, imagine an awning itself above the windows and you will understand why an awning window is called exactly so. Awning definition is rather simple.

The different configurations allow each type of window to be applied in one way or another. For example, if a casement window suits more to a living room, we would suggest an awning window for a kitchen or a bathroom.  The kitchen sink window size and a suitable size for the bathroom or lavatory will be recommended by a competent manager.

It is no secret that the interior should be practical, especially for housewives. Practicality is not just about having all the necessary household items, but also about how to organise space. If we talk about window canopy design ideas, in such window constructions the possibility to ventilate during heavy rain, ease of maintenance and usability play an important role (among other benefits is external opening of the sash with an overhead mechanism saves space inside the room).

Don’t forget that old awning window hardware requires careful maintenance and in some cases replacement.

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Advantages of crank windows (casement)

Modern design requires innovations also in window production. New configurations, improved window models, delight customers who want their interiors to be unique and innovative. Windows can also help to make it like that. Among window types and names today there are so called crank windows. They look aesthetically refreshing, which is why they are so popular. It is also a casement window, in which sashes can be opened both to the right and to the left, which is a big advantage in terms of ease of use.

Casement windows, as before, are the most popular configurations and thanks to the technical options they will not only be a stylish design element, but also a reliable protection and guarantee of comfort. High quality mechanisms, profiles and glazing ensure that you will enjoy trouble-free operation of your windows.

What options are available for hinged and casement windows

We have looked at what’s an awning window and casement window. But each of these window types has different configurations, differing in size and sometimes in shape. They can be rectangular, trapezoidal, long, vertical, arched and bay windows. Your unique design can be matched to any interior or exterior design.  In addition, the colours we offer are the perfect complement to the modern style of the window.

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