Front Doors

Whether you are looking for a new front door for a new house, or you want to replace your current old door to increase security and thermal efficiency, Prestige Plus has choices to suit every style and budget. Check our wide selection of high-quality front doors and choose the ones that would best fit your home. Add the all-important kerb appeal with our wide range of front doors.

Entrance doors can be made of aluminium, steel, solid timber and composite. Depending on your preferred material and your home’s needs, as well as maintenance, durability, the amount of light you want coming through and of course the cost involved, you can choose the doors that will best fit into your home.

As the main entrances to homes and offices, you can pick front doors according to the first impression you’d like them to leave on future visitors. Entrance doors are great for setting the tone for the style that the home or office is decorated in. It’s essential that your front doors are strong and hard-wearing because they are often exposed to heavy weather. Pick your front door from a huge array of choices Prestige Plus offers and look at designs made from a variety of durable materials treated to prevent warping.

Choose entrance doors with extra-insulation options if you’d like to either trap or release air, depending on the weather. Thanks to the features such as glass panels you’ll get more illumination and create a much brighter interior. Given the fact that front doors are the first thing anyone will come across when visiting your home, including potential burglars, external doors also need to offer maximum security. With a variety of looks and finishes available, there is more than one way to create a unique entrance.

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Features Of Entry Doors

  • Aluminium or steel doors

If you’re looking for affordable but durable entry doors, metal doors are a great choice. They are more affordable than solid timber doors and they do not require as much maintenance. Aluminium or steel doors are less aesthetically pleasing than solid timber doors, but they are more weather resistant. In case you need them to be highly durable, steel or aluminium doors can be treated and coated.

  • Timber Doors

Timber doors are made of solid wood which is also the most common material for making front doors. They are less affordable than metal doors but not as durable as aluminium or steel doors. While they are durable, timber doors generally require a lot more maintenance. Wood is more prone to splitting and warping, which is why it may not be the best option if you need high-quality insulation. We do offer different finishes in order to ensure your front door is protected against the elements including UV rays.

  • Composite Doors

For getting the best of both worlds, and not having to choose between looks and utility, invest in the composite door. These types of doors are made of fibreglass which makes them lightweight, durable and Eco-friendly. What’s more, if you’d like to make them visually similar to wooden doors, you can easily modify them. Composite doors are considered to sustain every type of weather perfectly. If you choose composite entrance doors, they won’t split, warp or dent regardless of weather conditions.

Composite doors can be made of wood or metal with a polyurethane layer in the middle, and in some cases, they will contain foam for added insulation. They are not as prone to termites and insects as wooden doors are so composite doors will last much longer. Composite doors, unlike wood, do not expand or contract with hot or cold temperatures. Another great benefit is that whenever you’re tired of your front door colour, you can repaint the composite doors every few years instead of replacing them. Thanks to the strength of fibreglass, composite doors are also very secure, making them harder to break into.Front Door

Things To Consider When Choosing Your New Front Door

  • Style

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your entrance doors, one of the things you must consider is style. It’s essential that your choice matches both your home style and brings the best value for your money. Your entry doors are the first thing people will see from outside, but also something you’ll look at often when you’re inside. That’s why it’s crucial that the style of your front door matches the style of your interior too. This way you’ll be able to express your personality and make your home more inviting. The design you choose can set the tone for your home. Both natural wood or painted will have a significant impact on the first impression of your home.

  • Durability

Aside from style, durability should be a priority when you decide to invest in a new front door. A quality front door will offer you better durability and much higher security, which is also an important consideration. A durable product will also keep your house warm in the cold weather because it won’t warp, crack or let any air inside.

  • Security Features

Security is another essential factor you’ll need to pay attention to when investing in a new entrance door. Every person who even thinks about breaking in should immediately reconsider their decision when they come across your high-quality durable door, so take a look at our rich selection and pick the door that will protect your home well and for a long time.

  • External Door Maintenance

Keeping the front door in good repair will ensure it looks good and serves its security role. Different materials will require a different type of maintenance. While some front entry doors are manufactured to a high quality which does not require any maintenance, such as metal doors, others such as composite doors will require little special care. Check out our wide selection of front doors and pick the ones your home will benefit from the most.

When it comes to manufacturing doors, we are constantly ahead in terms of design, technology, and quality. As a result, Prestige Plus makes the highest-quality doors on Sydney door market. Contact us today for the best door solutions in Sydney.