French Doors

French doors originated in France back in the 16th and 17th century, and has continued to be used in the modern world due their gorgeous sense of character & maximum natural lighting. The main characteristic of a French door is the horizontal and vertical panels, which can be used as an interior or external feature adding light, character & charm to your home.

Colour: Golden Oak

French doors can come as a single door or in a set. Unlike most other hinged doors, they generally open outward however, they can be customized to open inwards if that’s more convenient for you. They can also be designed in a massive range of solid colours, along with timber-look options and screens!

Benefits of French Doors

Aesthetically Beautiful & Secure 

One of the benefits of French doors is that they will add aesthetically value, whether your home is traditional, modern, rustic or shabby chic, French doors will offer a elegant, smooth-opening doors. See all of our colour options here. Fitted with between 3 to 5 different locking mechanisms per door, along with toughed or laminated double glazed glass panels, your French doors will act as an astounding blockade against potential intruders, but still allow plenty of light to fill your home.


French doors are perfect for those homes that aim towards indoor/outdoor living. French doors add a special touch to your décor, ensuring you don’t let security or privacy hold you back. At Prestige Plus you can enjoy the numerous benefits of their thermal properties, UV protection, security & strength, in our re-owned “Lumina-Cloud” frosted glass, allowing in natural-lighting with privacy. Available in any design or glass-size preference. 

Energy Efficient

French doors at Prestige Plus are manufactured with dual pane glass which will be perfect for the local climate. In-between the panels is filled with a non-toxic insulating argon gas, making it very difficult for external temperature to penetrate through. This feature will automatically reduce your reliance on air conditioning & helping you significantly save on energy bills. Older patio doors tend to let air inside which makes them highly inefficient & increase your dependence on heating or cooling devices.

Natural Lighting

The French first developed this door style back in the 17th century, as perfect solution to making the interior more luminous. Dimly lit rooms were the reason for developing these doors much like a window, allowing in maximum light & creating a seeming larger living space.