French Doors

French doors originated in France back in the 16th and 17th century. The main characteristic of a French door is thick glass with wooden panels running across it horizontally and vertically. This door will add great aesthetic value to your home while letting plenty of light inside too. One of the reasons French doors are great is because they open outward, allowing you to break the barriers between indoors and outdoors whenever you want. Another advantage of these doors is that you can easily move large items in and out of the house straight to your outdoor sitting area. Check out our wide selection of French doors and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Features Of French Doors

French doors like most other hinged doors generally open outward. However, if need be, they can be customised to open inwards if that’s more convenient for you. With the options of inward opening or outward opening versions, interior French doors can be designed and installed as either single or double doors. They can also come in sidelight and fanlight combinations. One of the main factors to consider before opting for French doors is space. Your room needs to be big enough to open the doors in either direction fully. The standard size for French doors generally starts at 1 foot and 6 inches. This can further be increased 2 inches at a time and can go up to 3 feet in width. In order to cater to general door openings, the French doors are either 6 feet 8 inches or 7/ 8 feet. Traditional French doors have wooden panels but if you wish for aluminium, PVC or fibreglass, we will gladly grant your wish.

In order to ensure that your home is secure, use our 3-point locking system for your French doors. A 3-point locking system enables each individual door to lock at the top and bottom along to a latch that goes across both doors. At Prestige Plus you can also find ‘cover splines’ for your doors which will cover the gap when both doors are closed. Our lock barrels feature anti-bump cylinders which will make your home more secure than ever. French doors are very good in terms of insulation as well, so feel free to opt for some of the fabulous double-glazed French doors from our selection. This will be a great option if your home needs an extra layer of insulation for the colder months. Should you opt for our French doors, be sure to weatherproof them regularly and prevent the elements from coming in.

Benefits of French Doors

  • Aesthetically Beautiful

One of the benefits of French doors is that they will make your home much more beautiful. Whether your home is traditional, modern, rustic or shabby chic, French doors can work in every interior. The difference between a standard patio door and a French door is the thickness of the lower rail. The secret to a distinctive look is a wider lower rail than the top and sides. Not only are French doors classically elegant, but smooth-opening double doors which offer high security and require very little maintenance. Fitted with the total security locking security features, interior French doors act as an astounding blockade against potential intruders, but still allowing plenty of light to fill your home.

  • Letting All The Light In

When the French first developed this door style back in the 17th century, it was the perfect solution to making the interior more luminous. Dimly lit rooms were the reason for developing these doors much like a window, with a slight difference in the glass. Unlike windows, French doors had extended glass for most of their length. Today a French door is a synonym to a patio door made mostly of glass. Some of the configurations of French doors you should consider are a one-panel door and two doors. One panel door will look perfect in smaller spaces, while two doors would really open up your space. These can stand alone or be used together with sidelites to get more airflow or natural light.

  • Energy Efficient

Another amazing benefit of French doors is that they are energy efficient. Interior French doors at Prestige Plus are manufactured with dual pane glass which will be perfect for the local climate. If your area concerns heavy cold climate you can even get additional glazing so your home doesn’t lose energy in the with additional heating devices. What’s more, if you live in the area of hot climates French door will also save you the cost of air conditioning by keeping your home cool preventing the warm air from the outside to enter your living space. Older patio doors tend to leak air inside which makes them highly inefficient in terms of energy consumption.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Living

French doors are perfect for those homes that aim towards indoor/outdoor living. If maybe your family prefers the kitchen as the place to gather around, installing expansive interior French doors to that room will be will help you expand your interior to outside or even bring the outdoors inside if you’d like. Take a look at our rich assortment of French doors and let them add a special touch to your décor.

French doors or glass doors, no matter the name you give them, you can enjoy the fact that yours will be custom made-to-measure to your specifications. Our team of experts will take all the necessary measurements and make perfect French doors to improve the look and value of your home.

French doors are a beautiful way to let the best of the outside in. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view from your home because interior French doors create no barrier for you to enjoy sunsets or sunrises. They’ll also light up your home while making sure the worst of the Australian weather does not affect your home in any way. With energy-efficient glazing, technically-advanced weather seals and carefully designed frames, our made to measure French doors will efficiently minimise heat loss saving you tins of money you’d otherwise spend on utility bills.