Swing And Slide Doors

Swing and slide door have the ability to slide open and then swing to the side. They are a perfect combination of the French door and bi-fold doors, but with a narrower line than French doors and a wider range of operation than bi-fold doors. Slide and swing doors from Prestige Plus represent the newest improvement in patio door technology, acting as an exclusively multipurpose system that offers the ultimate levels of both functionality and style. With slide and swing doors, each of the system’s panels operates independently, offering you full control of the desired opening. Since the leaves are not joined together, you won’t be able to see any connecting door hardware on the outside, which will offer a truly sleek aesthetic.

The slide and swing system allows you to incorporate however many panels you require. It fits a traditional French door, aka the master door, to whichever side of the aperture you want. The other doors thus slide across a magnaglide track, before swinging out alongside each other for the minimal intrusion. Panels cannot be lifted to try and disengage it from the track, which ensures you’ll have a fully safe and secure system.

The method for operating the doors is designed in such a way that the panels don’t have to take up your living space on the inside or the patio space outdoors until they are at the resting position off to the side. Unlike contemporary bi-fold doors which need to open in or out in order to be operated, our slide and swing door system will never intrude.

Features Of The Swing And Slide Doors

You can open the door panels one at a time, thus customising opening for your home. Alternatively, you can open the doors all the way to ensure maximum ventilation. They can be made with uPVC materials in an array of colours and finishes. Check out our wide selection of French doors and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Prestige Plus is pleased to offer a brand new door solution to Sydney and the rest of Australia – the Slide and Swing Door. This new-generation multi-pane door will allow you to maximise your living space in which it is installed, just as a Bi-Folding or Patio door would. However, there’s a slight difference which makes slide and swing door more beneficial than those more traditional styles of doors.

Once opened and during the closing, the swing and slide door will not encroach upon the internal space of a room or the patio space outside the house. You can also independently open any pane of the door, allowing more ventilation indoors as well as better access. Furthermore, when the door is closed, the panels interlock together forming a solid wall, which creates a more secure and safe entry point.

The door is really easy to operate, sliding one panel at a time, which gives you an opportunity to adjust the door to be in exactly the configuration that you desire at any given time. All of our slide and swing doors are fitted with the highest-quality locking system, offering you and your family peace of mind. They will also make your home more energy-efficient and weatherproof.

For more information about slide and swing doors, please get in contact with us today to ask any questions you may have about the doors.

How They Work

A slide and swing door is a multi-pane door that uses the unique patented system which is flexible enough to allow the individual panes to align on a single track. Due to that, you won’t have to lose any space because the panes can easily operate individually without any visible hinges or hardware. This will provide you with multiple options of opening settings creating a rather diverse door system for your home. Swing and slide doors will transform regular rooms into more open spaces, connecting two rooms or erasing boundaries between the home and the conservatory or garden.

The Benefits

  • They Open Rooms Up To The Outside

One of the best benefits of swing and slide doors is that because there is no unsightly hardware visible, they have seamless beautiful lines. Additionally, these doors are very easy to operate because you can slide one panel at a time. Because they lock and shut tightly, swing and slide doors have excellent thermal and waterproof performance.

  • Highly Thermally Efficient

Using standard glazing you can create a fantastic UV protection while making sure your home stays perfectly warm during winter. However, our customers can also order a double or triple glazed door that can be used to get the U-Value down to 1.4. By adding a separate pane of glass to an existing pane with a certain amount of space between them your doors can become double glazed, which will create better insulation and prevent the outside heat to disrupt your cool outdoor ambience. With triple glazing, aside from improving the insulation to a higher degree and creating a more soundproof home, you can also reduce condensation on your door.

  • Add Value To Your Home

Having a large opening at the rear of a property that lets in plenty of natural light and can be fully opened is an extraordinary addition to any home. Aluminium slide and swing doors are becoming seriously popular additions to remodelling and new builds, precisely because they increase the value of a property. Thanks to their modern-day aesthetics in combination with open space features, your home will have a much higher price if you ever decide to put it on the market.

When it comes to manufacturing doors, we are constantly ahead in terms of design, technology, and quality. As a result, Prestige Plus makes the highest-quality doors on Sydney door market. When you decide to install a swing and slide door, contact Prestige Plus for any advice and guidance you need. Our door will meet the highest demands of quality and design, according to the latest regulations, helping you create a comfortable and welcoming ambience in your residence.