Sliding Glass Doors

Design Options

Prestige Plus sliding glass doors are fashioned for smooth operation and beautiful design. Standard sliding glass doors open by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill. They can be designed for either a right-hand or left-hand operation. Unlike hinged doors which open inward or outward, sliding patio doors require zero swing room and can fit seamlessly into tight-fitted spaces. Whether you’re installing them for the first time or are you want a quality replacement for your current sliding glass doors, Prestige Plus is the perfect place to look for your new and improved sliding glass doors. They will also add value to your home, thanks to shatter-proof glass, improved security features, and enhanced performance.

Prestige Plus only provides customers with the highest-quality brands and materials, ensuring your glass doors are safe, secure, and easy to use.

Benefits Of Sliding Glass Doors

Not only does sliding glass door have shatter-proof properties which keep families safe from harming themselves, but their improved security and glass technology protects against potential break-ins as well. Combine this with outstanding security features as incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals, fixed leaves, hook-over locking mechanisms, and engineered stiles, and you’ll have perfectly safe and sturdy sliding glass doors that will last a lifetime.

Sliding glass doors offer homeowners increased energy efficiency. Those that are fitted with composite gaskets will both reduce outside noise and weather protection. Thanks to the airtight sill, thermal insulation will be better too. With the right glazing options sliding glass door can offer UV protection and provide additional thermal insulation for an even higher energy-efficiency.

  • Uses

Sliding glass doors are popular all over the world, especially in Southern Europe, throughout the United States and in Australia. From hotel rooms, condominiums, apartments, and residences, sliding glass doors can be used in an array of properties.

  • Residential Application

In your home sliding glass doors are great for accessing the upper balconies, for large views out which will also enhance the natural light in. Furthermore, sliding glass door will increase incoming fresh air. Sliding glass doors are mostly used in some regions as doors between the interior rooms of a home and a courtyard, deck, balcony, patio, and a garden, backyard, barbecue or swimming pool area. Prestige Plus sliding door systems are a unique feature for your home and can be used to expand the view of a bedroom, patio, living room. What’s more, with a sliding glass door you can create an entryway between two interior rooms.

When the engineering allows, a pocket system can be incorporated into the design so the doors are hidden from view while open. This way you’ll create an unobstructed view allowing you to connect two rooms, creating one larger unit when need be. When opened, sliding glass doors recede into a wall pocket that fits all of the panels inside. Pocket doors are especially convenient in spaces which require large, open expanses. Not only do pockets maximise the usable width of the open door, but they also allow for easier foot traffic and increased accessibility.

  • Commercial Application

Prestige Plus sliding glass door can be used in interior design, often in offices and automobile sales areas, to give soundproof but visually accessible private office space. Our sliding glass doors will look wonderful as an entrance to any business, restaurant, or resort. When we say commercial applications, we think about any pocketed option where you can remove the panels completely from view. This incorporation is especially convenient when making a sliding glass door system an interior dividing wall in conference rooms, hotel banquet rooms, and adjustable classroom settings, for example. Check out our rich assortment of sliding glass doors and look for the ones that will look best in your property.

  • Fabrication

Sliding glass door frames are often made from wood, aluminium, stainless steel, or steel, which makes them durable and sturdy. The most common material used for manufacturing is PVC-plastic. Replacement parts are most commonly needed for the moving-sliding parts of the door, such as the steel rollers that glide within the track and the locking mechanisms.

  • Security

Security design in the doors is created in such a way that it prevents the doors, both fixed and sliding, from being lifted off their rails. If fixed to the top of the frame anti-lift blocks can prevent the lift of the door off its rails. Therefore, they could potentially block unauthorised entry to the room when the sliding door is in the closed position. A portable security bar can also be fitted from the inside the room to prevent sliding action when the door is closed. You can use the adjustable security bar for added security when travelling, stopping intruders from breaking in while you’re not home.

  • Energy Efficiency, Heat Loss And Gain

To reduce their negative thermal impact on the living space, choose glass doors with insulated frames and double or triple glazed door. The ones with low-emissivity coatings and gas-filling (typically argon) are the best bet. At Prestige Plus you can get either double or triple glazed doors, and either of the two will meet all of your residential or commercial needs. Glazing glass offers better thermal insulation (temperature protection), acoustic insulation (noise reduction, soundproofing), security and safety, sun protection and privacy.

Double glazed doors or triple glazed can be transformed and upgraded by utilising patterned glass, which will offer better privacy in desired rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms. Metal framed glass doors should also have thermal breaks. In order to get the most of your sliding glass doors, it’s essential that the doors are properly sized, so be sure to contact us and schedule an appointment with our experts. Only after they take all the necessary measurements, will you be certain that you’ll get the perfect size door. We’ll be pleased to provide you with a quote as well, letting you know exactly how much you’ll have to spend on your dream door.

Prestige Plus is here to help you decide on the best door solution for your home, so feel free to contact us about any information you need. Call us today for a no-obligation chat to see how we can help you.