Folding Doors

Do you need new doors for your home? You’ve come to the right place. At Prestige Plus you can find a wide assortment of doors and one of them being precisely folding doors. If you’ve always wanted maximum comfort, the folding door will offer you just that thanks to their ease of use. The folding panels can be pushed together in very small spaces and optionally be folded to one side or split centrally either inwards or outwards. An element designed as a door can be employed to open inwards or outwards. This will ensure full openness of large areas and secure closing when you want to shut the door.

If you opt for folding doors that lead to your garden, due to the unframed all-glass folding systems, your garden will be visually connected with the covered terrace area, providing maximum transparency for your summer garden. The folding doors can be stacked inside or outside. All our folding doors will offer you maximum security, ventilation and aesthetic beauty. Check out our wide selection of doors and opt for your perfect fit.

The framed folding systems create an enjoyable ambience in your home. The garden can furthermore become seamlessly connected to the covered outdoor area. The fact that folding doors can be stacked inside or outside, gives you the opportunity to use your space most effectively.

Internal Space Doors

Have you been struggling with limited space? Are your domestic rooms rather cramped spatially? To expand your environments temporarily, you can opt for some space-saving solutions. They allow you to divide the rooms visually and occupy the smallest space possible. Our folding doors are a perfect choice. With a reduced physical and visual impact, folding doors are suitable for rooms such as bathrooms, storage rooms and service rooms. They will also look good and be perfectly functional in hallways and walk-in wardrobes.

Prestige Plus Folding Doors

Do you wonder when you should choose a folding door for your house? These solutions would optimise the available space of your domestic rooms, thanks to their opening mechanism. More specifically, the door folds on itself while opening, due to a cut on the panel, which will reduce the size of the door by half. Special convenience is easy mobility of the leaf and long-lastingness of the folding system. Open leaves overlap and take up little space, allowing you to connect two rooms visually. The quality and an attractive appearance contribute to the stylised modernisation of old structures. Stylistically, they are easy to fit in with different homes, while at the same time, they do not affect their harmony. They are very easy to operate and require very low maintenance.o

Affordable Business Doors

If you’re looking for high-quality products suitable for reduced spaces, and you need an affordable solution at the same time, you’ll be able to find a wide range of low-priced laminated folding doors in our store. These are solutions with synthetic scratch-resistant materials, versatile, lightweight and functional, able to combine aesthetic elements and practical needs. You can choose from several options of the most modern design and even the most classical lines. The raw materials we choose, the selection of last-generation laminates and details, the presence of retractable hinges in the centre cut of the door, guarantee durable and precious products.

Folding doors can also look wonderful if used for the glazing of gardens, cafés and restaurants, balconies, car showrooms and so on. One of the reasons they’d be a great solution in these situations is because of a hundred-per cent sealing and opening is necessary in those places. They are suitable for large span partitions and for the making of multi-functional spaces. With these types of doors, it is very easy to combine interior and exterior space.

Doors To Asymmetrical Book

If the fact that folding doors occupy the least amount of space inside your residence is their main benefit, their most obvious drawback is that, when folded, they decrease the portion of space used to pass through the room. For this reason, it is necessary to meticulously study the size of the individual products and the available width of space for the movements through the door, during the renovation. This predicament can easily be avoided if you plan out a careful project, which has to organise every step of the restructuring works. Our catalogue of internal doors allows you to decide and adopt different folding solutions. In addition to systems that have the middle cut, we suggest the asymmetric openings, with a ratio of 1/3 and 2/3. Browse through our wide selection of folding doors and feel free to contact Prestige Plus for any advice and guidance on taking measurements or anything else that may not be completely clear.

Furnish Home With Functionality With Folding Doors

In our stores, the highly experienced staff will give you a piece of advice gladly, while helping you choose your perfect doors and according to your restyling project. We will provide you with simple suggestions or real design projects, starting with your house dimensions and your personal style. The many models of doors we display, with folding opening system, will help you maximize the surfaces of your home. If your home is reduced in size, it can still be furnished with functionality, using all the available space. Do not miss the possibility to take vision of all our products in our showcases and you will also be allowed to choose your new folding doors carefully and with great care.

When it comes to manufacturing doors, we are constantly ahead in terms of design, technology, and quality. As a result, Prestige Plus makes the highest-quality doors on Sydney door market. Contact us today for the best door solutions in Sydney.

Our professional team of experts, manufacturers and installers will make sure you’re happy with whichever type of door you choose for your home. We will offer you a quote and meet with you in your home for any necessary measurements and estimate. Feel free to contact Prestige Plus today and invest in the best door solutions in Sydney.