External Doors

Your external doors say a lot about your home’s design and style. Therefore, you must invest in a door which will make a wonderful first impression on everyone coming to your home for the first time. A modern exterior door can make a lot of difference to your curb appeal while also improving home security as well as energy efficiency.

At Prestige Plus we have selected a range of exterior doors that will add curb appeal to your home, be it a traditional, contemporary or glazed appearance that you’re looking for. Feel free to browse through our wide assortment of exterior doors and find the one that will fit in perfectly into your home’s design.

Choice And Quality

Our external doors selection is manufactured using only the finest quality timber and joinery, which guarantees long-standing performance and a prominent appearance. Choose from our great value range of hardwood exterior doors such as oak, or softwood like hemlock or redwood. Our solid wood front doors are perfect for adding curb appeal and elegance to your residence.
The beautiful glazed hardwood doors for the front entrance and the back entrance are more traditional in appearance. Their sturdy construction and presence make them timeless classics. Our exterior doors come in a variety of sizes so you can find the right fit for your current frame.

Thermal Efficiency

Your external doors, just like your windows, need to withstand every type of weather, condensation and draughts. External doors must have high energy efficient properties to keep the heat in and the cold out. Double glazing will provide you with adequate insulation and low u-values creating a pleasant and draught free ambience in your home.


One of the main roles of the external door is to keep the residence safe and burglar-resistant. That’s why you should choose one of our sturdy wooden doors to keep your home secure at all times. Safety hinges, a multi-point locking system or a mortice deadlock – whichever option you choose, it’ll offer you top-class door security. You can also fit a door chain to exterior wooden doors more easily than uPVC doors. We have one of the largest ranges of external doors in the UK, including something for every property, whatever your budget.
At Prestige Plus, we create external doors with toughened glass, making sure you only get the highest security while keeping your home the warmest it can be. With top-quality thermal insulation, your home will be a joy to spend time in. If you’re looking for something to improve the view out to your patio or garden, don’t forget to take a look at our selections of French doors and bifold doors.
The role of external doors is more demanding than the one of the internal doors. Namely, external doors are exposed to outside conditions and are supposed to protect the interior exceptionally from the elements as well as from intrusion. The aesthetic style of an external door is also a more crucial consideration than for internal doors because external door makes a huge difference to the entrance and/or exit of a building. Adding value to both your house and curb appeal, you should pick external door which will leave a great impression on users and passers-by.

Types of External doors

In terms of materials, timber is widely used for external doors. However, in recent times, composite PVC doors have been adopted as an alternative to timber in some dwellings. Other common materials include glass and aluminium.

  • Aluminium Doors

Popular for contemporary homes, aluminium frames can be supplied in virtually any colour. They’re also lightweight, strong and maintenance-free.

  • Composite Doors

Made from a mixture of materials, composite doors are often very affordable. Those made from timber tend to be clad in a weatherproof material, for a tough, low-maintenance exterior. For getting the best of both worlds, and not having to choose between looks and utility, invest in the composite door. These types of doors are made of fibreglass which makes them lightweight, durable and Eco-friendly. Composite doors will withstand every type of weather perfectly. If you choose composite external doors, you won’t have to worry about them splitting, warping or denting regardless of weather conditions. Check out our wide selection of external doors and find your best model.

  • uPVC Doors

Good value and weather-resistant, uPVC doors don’t need painting and require very low maintenance. However, once you’ve ordered the size, it won’t be possible to alter it. Therefore, be sure to contact Prestige Plus and ask for advice from our experts to be sure you’re ordering the perfect fit.

Secured with locks

As external doors need to offer high-security for your residence, they will often be fitted with locks. A common lock used on external doors is the mortice deadlock which is positioned on the inside face of the door and can be key-operated from both inside and out. Nightlatches, or secondary locks, can be standard which locks automatically unless the latch is held back. Alternatively, secondary locks can be deadlocked i.e. locks automatically and require a key inside and outside.
When it comes to manufacturing doors, we are constantly ahead in terms of design, technology, and quality. As a result, Prestige Plus makes the highest-quality doors on Sydney door market. Contact us today for the best door solutions in Sydney.